EHG (Extra High Grade)

TDK Life on Record EHG VHS videotape features an archive-quality formulation, designed for maximum quality reproduction of movies and any content you want to preserve in your permanent video library. Taping on TDK EHG in the EP (Extended Play) mode often results in better picture quality than recording in the SP (Standard Play) mode with a standard-grade tape, making it an excellent choice for taping long programs such as sporting events. Each tape comes in a handy case for labeling and storage.


  • Every TDK VHS tape is manufactured with an industry-leading dual-layer tape coating technology. To provide a highly stable platform for the upper, magnetic layer, the tape's lower, non-magnetic layer is created with uniform thickness.
  • The tape's magnetic layer utilizes ultra-fine, high-sensitivity Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles to realize superlative image and audio fidelity across the frequency spectrum.
  • Precision designed cartridges ensure a smooth tape run for recording and playback perfection.