Video DVD

TDK Life on Record Video DVD media is compatible with most home DVD recorders and players, captures and preserves your favorite TV broadcasts and home videos with pure DVD quality. Record up to 6 hours of video on a single disc (approximately 1.5 hours in high-quality mode), and instantly skip to your favorite scenes. To help you stay organized, TDK Video DVD media comes packaged in DVD movie cases that easily integrate with home video libraries.

TDK Video DVD media provides optimum recording and playback performance for your home theater system. Unlike VHS tapes, TDK rewritable Video DVD media (available in DVD+RW and DVD-RW) delivers flawless audio and video performance even after it's been re-recorded many times. To help prevent important recordings from getting erased, write-once TDK Video DVD media (available in DVD+R and DVD-R) offer a more permanent solution.