Double Sided ScratchProof Mini DVD

TDK Life on Record ScratchProof Double Sided Mini DVD media offers a full hour of recording time when used with a DVD camcorder. In addition to providing double the recording time of a single sided 8cm DVD, both sides of this 2.8GB Mini DVD are engineered with DURABIS™ hard coating technology to protect the disc surfaces against common contaminants such as scratches, fingerprints and dust adherence. TDK ScratchProof Double Sided Mini DVD media is compatible with all 8cm DVD camcorders, and can be played in most home DVD players, providing a seamless experience from capturing to sharing.


  • DURABIS is a hard coating formulation designed to protect media against scratches that can occur when the discs are transferred between cases, camcorders and DVD players. TDK ScratchProof Double Sided Mini DVD media featuring DURABIS™ coating is up to 100 times more scratch-resistant than standard optical discs, and easily wipes clean of fingerprints, ink smudges, and accidental food and beverage spills. DURABIS coating boasts rapid static discharge to help prevent dust from adhering to the disc. By reducing the amount of dust that contacts your camcorder's sensitive internal optics, DURABIS coating helps maintain hardware performance and may extend the life span of your camcorder.