TDK Life on Record VHS-C media maximizes the recording performance of VHS-C camcorders. It delivers high output and superior contrast for optimal image and audio quality. TDK VHS-C media's low signal to noise ratio provides superb performance in a wide range of lighting conditions to make shooting great camcorder footage a snap.

Because TDK VHS-C media records in the VHS format, VHS-C tapes are compatible with any standard VCR. All you need to play a VHS-C tape in a VCR is an inexpensive adapter (sold separately). 


  • Every TDK camcorder tape is manufactured with an industry-leading dual-layer tape coating technology. To provide a highly stable platform for the upper, magnetic layer, the tape's lower, non-magnetic layer is created with uniform thickness.
  • The tape's magnetic layer utilizes ultra-fine, high-sensitivity Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles to realize superlative image and audio fidelity across the frequency spectrum.
  • Precision designed cartridges ensure a smooth tape run for recording and playback perfection.